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Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire



By Vex Red.
1) The Closest
2) Dermo
3) Can't Smile
4) Untitled
5) Itch
6) Bully Me
7) Cause and Solution
8) Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire
9) Clone Jesus
10) Sleep Does Nothing For You
11) Vert


Not alot of people seem to have heard of Vex Red, i dont know why that is though. Maybe because theyve only really just broke through well in england so far, And they are a soft metal-ish band from Guilford, and for guilford, they are talented.
They have played at Ozzfest, Had numerous tours, and all because Nick, the bands Guitarist and Bassist sent the bands demo to Kerrang! without telling everyone else in fear of sounding stupid. Now who sounds stupid?
VexRed are on the I Am Recordings/Virgin label, which is also the label Casey Chaos' band 'Amen'. IAR also take care of our lovely friends from Slipknot.
But enough about the babble, what about the music? I for one, love it. Terry Abbott, the bands vocalist, has a great voice which he puts to use well, especially in 'Can't Smile' at the end, where hes got the voiceover and him seemingly getting louder as 'I caaaaaant smiiiile' is in the back with terry singing the 'think youre so good with your toking, fuck your smoking, thats not what its all about' part, which starts and ends about a minute after the smile conversation is going on when the music calms for a few seconds.
The only criticism being that we want more lyrics on a few of the songs, the music isnt flawed, but can at times get repetitive, but atleast it isnt repetitive like the lyrics at the end of essex band 'InMe' song entitled 'firefly' which is the same forever and you then wish to smash your cd or tv or whatever it is playing on.
But at the end of it all, this band should be bigger than they are. Its a fantastic album with a perfect blend of guitar riffs and keyboard mastery with a great voice to go with it.
Verdict?  BUY IT.