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July 20th 2005
Excellent, new sig added for nameless_X. and guess what...its my first animated sig! 8)
Upcoming: New zigo sig.
                   New web layout.
Submit and shit. cya


JULY 19th 2005


New banner, new wallpaper, new sig not much happenin.

Request, Submit plex.

Upcoming: new sigs for nameless_X and another ziGo one, also im going to create my own layout, and hopefuly move away from tripod.

Fagets deleted.




July 17th 2005

4 new sigs made, busy bloody day :O ! , links section fixed!


Photos, pics, sigs, ideas, etc. Make hyo proud.

BORED cya.



July 12th 2005
Another  2 nameplates added, i am getting back into my sig making now, but please, ask me to make you one.
If you want a certain graphic made, ill also try my best to make that, im always up for a challenge :)
I cant help but stress, GIVE ME THINGS TO UPLOAD.
July 10th 2005
Ha, updated. Ive added a link to kamis website, added a download, and made a plate, also the title logo should be finnished by the time you read this.
Anyway, please send me links, tell me what to put into the downloads section, send me graphics, send me nameplates, send me photos, sign my guestbook.
Consider yourself a part of the website.
Buy soldier of fortune 2.
Here we go again.
July 8th 2005
Well this is the new and not improved, i promise ill keep it updated regualyish.
I got fuck all to say so im sodding off.
Sometime in the first half of 2005.
Yup, omgosh it happened,, GETS UPDATED.
Anyway, HYOSCINE, thats me, is gonna be a dad! My mrs is preggers, more news on that when i get some.
Worms2=dieing, Im gonna delete music and add fagets and non fagets page or summet.

Long Holdback.

16th September 2002
Well i havant updated since the 11th. Long time, 5 days. Ive hardly been on the net since the 11th either.
So whats up? Well i didnt leave college afterall. im back there now and hating pastry as ever. And ive had a nice day with kelli :D
I have got 3 new cd's, i got pissed on saturday night and i woke up sunday morning on my kitchen floor, lights on with a pizza on my chest. I enjoyed that.
OYZO OYZO I WANT SOME OYZO, i have some oyzo in my bedroom. but it was a present, i dont want to tdrink it until im in a immorally depressed or bored and anguished state, which im not.
I hate rugby, i was stuck at the rugby train station for an hour and a half last night, out of cigarettes. out of money. Out of coffee, tired as fuck. i was begging at the train staiton for coffee money after i spent it all, i spoke to strangers, and i dont mean 1 or 2, i mean asing double figures. 1 bragged about having a criminal record, one i couldnt understand, one i managed to get a roll-up off and we stood watching some fat lady sitting down in the same spot for an hour. the clock was fucked, and my phone battery ran out. So i didnt know what the time was. And that fucking vending machine tried to steal my crisps, so i whacked it and got my crisps. and the coffee machine doesnt take £coins by the way.
I hate rugby.
Also im going to add a feature to the music section i think, showing the picture of the CD with the songs on it, links to websites and other shit.

Exciting Democracy.

11th September 2002
I have no idea what democracy is, or what it is about, or indeed, who made the stupid word, but ill use it because i oculdnt think of another word to use. So anyway, on with the business.
Since the 6th september all ive done is throw up, sleep, be ill, go college, work, sleep, wake up, go college, DROP OUT OF COLLEGE, work, talk to my girlfriend because shes back from greece!. and then wake up and go to work and come on here.
So yes. I dropped out of college, but i havant told my family yet. How do i do this? any suggestions contact plex. il lprobably tell them tomorrow straight out anyway.
AND YES. Shes back from greece. Ah the joy, im happy still, because ive been to tired to properly get strained through it all.
And i thought i had cancer the other day. it was cool, i threw up a few times and had headaches and crap, my sick was black, that was different.
Today is september 11th. What aload of fucking shit, we dont want no annoversary crap, let us live, twats. i brought a cd today.
Ill Advisory.


6th September 2002


Hello! not alot has changed, the sites the same, im still working, and im still going back to college on monday.

These last few days was fun, i went over to adys and drank beer, and we also ate chicken which was cooked 5 hours before, im ok but hes as sick as a parrot. :D


Today i was cautious. Becase of this twat called Phil who is the BIG BOSS who goes round places, and he will give us disciplinary of we dotn turn trolleys round by the till, dumb twat. What a way to possibly get fired, for not turning a trolley.


Anyway im bored so im off. Tarrah.



Wooden Slap.
4th September 2002
Today i got hit in the head by myself with a long peice of wood.
Ive just realised how tired im going to be come monday, my life now evolves around working and going out and for a few days a week, the internet. but ill be at college from monday aswell, so itl be fun. joy joy.
I only worked today. Work work work, i should go to bed earlier.
Talking of which, its 11:50 pm. i should go bed now, so i will.
Ive updated past news and added a picture on YOUR PHOTOS. Hooraj!
3rd September 2002
Pretty boring day, ive worked, and came home.
Still awaiting something to say, but ther eis nothing to say, i discovered a website, its fun.
Thats al lfor now, GOODBYE.

Rat Run

2nd September 2002

No, not the cheese film made about....rats, and running starring the biggest twat ive ever seen, rat run, asin i saw a rat running.

What a good few days its been.

Saturday the biggest twat ive ever met was left in charge of where i work, because 1 manager is on holida yand the other had a day off, i would be willing to engage in inserting a rather large, sharp icycle up the berks nose and have a hook on the end to pull the dickwrench's brain out of that already hollow-head of his.

Went clubbing saturday, which is where rat run began, and horribly, rat run ended about 10 seconds after it started. But it ruled. Went to a pub place called 'Moon on the square' first. I hate pubs. They are depressing, plus the fact that im missing Kelli makes it worse. Shes 18 today, talking of that. HAPPY BRUFDAEY! After that we went to 'Bar Med' which is better, but sucks,The music is pants, The drinks are expensive i think but i cant remember, And we soon went on to 'Legends' nightclub. where we al lhad fun.

We went to an alleyway after before we qeued up for a taxi in the freezing cold, aisha lost her cigarettes in the alley, and we saw a rat. It had something in its mouth, and we think it was aishas cigarettes. i threw my glowstick but missed the rat, so i then, retreived the stick myself. We qeued up 30 minutes for a taxi before me and aisha realised that we didnt need a taxi because we live a 5 minute walk away. So we left the other 3 in the taxi qeue (spelaing) and walked. Then we got stoned. And on my way from getting stoned i got stopped by a prostitutes.




And on sunday and today, i just made myself laid back..




30th August 2002.
New moniter yesterday, new scanner today, something tells me i need to make a website.
I always try and they always suck, so this will suck. but ill work on it thistime.
Ive had a brainstorm of what to do on here, and i came up with these.
Diary, Photos, Bio, Links, Forum, Worms2 Related, Dreams, The World, Music Collection, YOUR PHOTOS, Food ive eaten since the website was made. But i wont do that last one, it would make me be a competitive eater. Goodbye.